SPECT used to investigate therapy to slow Alzheimer's progression

Post date: 2009/1/3 下午 04:34:28

最近來自 ICARA 的研究利用 SPECT 的檢查,發現一個叫做Bapineuzumab的新藥可以有效的減緩晚期失智症的疾病進程!這種治療利用抗體可以協助去除腦中的類澱粉沈積物(amyloid plaque)!

Highlighting a new study that may one day improve diagnostic abilities, Dr. Markind said, “At Associated Neurologists, we are currently working on SPECT scans with the Institute of Neurological Disorders, located in New Haven. We have been working with them to recruit patients where we would do the prep work here in Danbury and send them for imaging in New Haven. We need to develop better tests and treatments because both go hand in hand.”

來源連結 The Ridgefield Press (Conn.) (12/31)