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NEW: We Bring JNM Newsline to You!

SNM is proud to introduce an interactive digital version of Newsline—the section of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) that brings you the latest news in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

With the interactive digital Newsline, you have:
• Direct delivery to your inbox—no log-in required
• Instant access to content the day the print version mails
• Features that allow you to print or share with your friends and colleagues
• An easy-to-use search function
• Active links to Web sites and e-mail addresses

One of the benefits that SNM members enjoy most is their free online subscription to JNM. This year,JNM was ranked as the top medical imaging journal worldwide. Published monthly, JNM features basic science investigations, clinical research reports, continuing education, book reviews, event calendars, new product information and employment opportunities. Have you activated your online journal? To activate or to view current and past issues of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, visit

If you have any questions about the new digital version of Newsline, please contact Steve Klein